Adults Taking Piano Lessons

Adults returning to the ‘world of learning and lessons’ must be treated differently than other types of learners. That is true whether you’re talking about history lessons or music lessons. If you question that then go up to a potential adult learner and inform them of the need for them to return to school and observe their facial expression.Adults, who have been removed from the ‘school’ environment in some cases for decades simply don’t have the will or patience to sit through traditional lessons or classes. Even considering a formalized school setting brings an unenthusiastic response from adults. The thought of reentering a school type setting does not receive a favorable reception with most adults because they were certain that school was a thing of the past.What adults will tolerate and in fact flock to are self-paced, hands-on, and easy to understand ways to experiment and learn. They recoil from the thought of having to read volumes of information like a traditional school would require. As far as music learning goes they don’t want to sign up for grueling hours of practice that becomes the master of their life.What they do want are courses that are well thought out and laid out in easily to understand ‘chunks’ that keep their interest. The focus here is on the learners interest.A child taking music lessons can be forced to practice by an observant and caring parent who forces the child into the practice room for the duration. Adults simply won’t respond in a positive manner to that type of prompting!The adult, on the other hand, has no one forcing the issue and has lots of other options. This puts the burden on the course to engage the student enough to get them into the practice mode.This is the point where adult based courses differ from those used on children. Courses designed for adult learning meet certain requirements outlined above and in addition the add an additional piece. It’s called activity based learning. There is a very good reason for this; you learn by doing.The best way to find a good course is to go to a review site maintained by music educators and read their independent reviews.